Plant is a Los Angeles-based design team committed to providing its clients with clean, graphic logos, websites and marketing materials for print, web and social media.

Jon-Paul Villegas, Partner

Jon-Paul Villegas is Plant’s chief graphics guy and All-powerful Marketing Overlord. He is in charge of transforming your company’s look from lame to legit through skillful branding, copy and corporate identity choices.

Villegas received his undergraduate education at Stanford University, where he spent a lot of time writing wordy essays about Americans and their peculiarities. He received his graduate training in sculpture at the California College of the Arts, where he developed a sculptural practice that strongly incorporated aspects of semiotics, commercial branding and vernacular design. He too has exhibited at good galleries in far-flung places and has had some very nice things said and written about his work by people reputed to know what they are talking about. J.P. spends his non-Plant hours working in his studio, frequenting thrift-stores and scouring the internet for sublime arcana. He is originally from Los Angeles but doesn’t know how to drive.